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Nadine: Owner of Serenity's

Northern Nevada's only Open Gravity Colonic Therapy Retreat.

Look at the Results
of Open Gravity Colonic Therapy


About Open Gravity Colonics
Colonics Without Pressure.

Serenity's is home to the only no-pressure colonic system in the Reno-Tahoe area. Owner and practitioner Nadine M. Marchuk is a top-level I-Act Certified Instructor of Colonic Therapy. Serenity‚s Colonic Therapy is based on an open gravity system ˜ completely different from the closed pressure colonics most therapists perform. A Serenity‚s session involves no water pressure, which allows the cleansing to evolve naturally and comfortably.

Serenity's FDA Approved Class 1 open gravity professional machine was called by Dr. Bernard Jensen the "Cadillac" of all colonic machines. An open system means that there is space between you and the sewer preventing bacteria migrating back to the user, (cross contamination) making the device extremely safe, comfortable, and the utmost privacy for my clients. This is the only system that allows my client some quiet time which they cherish

I am master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley

The Gentle Process

Warm water is allowed to gently and naturally fill the lower intestines, loosening debris that is lodged deep inside the intestinal walls. Toxic debris, if not removed, can back up and contaminate every organ and process in the body, resulting in disease and life-threatening
medical problems. This aged decay may lay host to
many parasites responsible for robbing the body of
vital nutrients and minerals that we need in order to
survive and live a healthy life.

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